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Hair Transplantation


Do you have any prejudgements about hair transplantation? Our expert staff can enlighten you into the advantages of our hair transplantation techniques.



Aesthetic Services


Together with our experts we provide aesthetic nose, liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and other aesthetic procedures.



Expert Doctors


You will find that all our staff professionally qualified in the latest technologies. We were the first in Turkey to use ICE FUE hair transplantation techniques.



With hair transplantation you don’t have to be bold

In Turkey we are continuing to provide Professional services. Our specializations are hair transplantation and other cosmetic services. We ensure the highest standards available in Turkey, with ICE- FUE technologies we have started to revalutionalize hair transplantation in Turkey and in the world. You will find our system to be a painless procedure with the exact results. We consider hair transplantation as a form of art. Just to reiterate, you don’t have to be bold.

We replied frequently asked questions for you

Hair transplant is generally a process performed for the people with hair problems. Healthy hair root is taken from nape region and transferred to the region of which hair grown is desired. Before hair transplant, it is very important to investigate a person individually. A general analysis must be performed and hair structure of the individuals must be analysed in detail. As a result of hair transplant process performed by skipping analysis step, undesirable effects and failures can be seen.

Hair transplant process can be performed for adults without health problems preventing hair transplantation (such as skin diseases, allergies etc.)

In ice FUE hair transplant method, your hair root taken from nape region does not lose its efficiency, when waiting for transplantation. In contrast, it is shocked in a specifically developed instrument and is provideded to be more efficient by this way. Your shocked hair root become much more strong and efficient as it is fed by your own fat and blood cells. If you would like to learn the details of the ice FUE hair transplant method special to Oka Aesthetic, you can call us and ask your questions via 7/24 open question line.

Ice FUE technique is a hair transplantation method which is developed in a way with the minimal pain feeling. During and after local anesthesia, you don’t feel pain.

In individuals Ice FUE technique performed, transplanted hair give certain results. If appropriate conditions are available, success rate is over 98%.

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