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Hair Transplant


Do you have prejudices about hair transplant? We can put an end them with our expert team and advanced hair transplant techniques.


Aesthetics Services


We are with you with our expert team in rhinoplasty, breast surgeries, liposuction and other aesthetic surgeries.


Expert Surgeons


We specialize in hair transplant and aesthetics. Our team has developed the ICE FUE hair transplant technique used for the first time in Turkey.


Antalya Aesthetics and Beauty Center

We continue to serve in Turkey. Aesthetic and medical aesthetics, which are our priority service areas, are the best job we do without exception. We started a great innovation in Antalya Aesthetics sector with high technology methods we developed. Thanks to ICE FUE method, we perform hair transplant painlessly and with definite results. We continue to serve with the our motto “everything is for your beauty.” Remember we are beautiful innately. Maybe, we may just need some care.  You can take us support for Antalya aesthetic services.

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We Answered Frequently Asked Questions for You

Hair transplant is a procedure generally applied to individuals who have hair transplant. The grafts are taken from the donor area and transplanted to the bald area. It is very important to examine the individual privately before hair transplantation. A general analysis should be made and the hair structure of individual should be analyzed in detailed. There may be some undesirable effects and failures as a result of hair transplant by skipping the analysis phase.

Hair transplant can be applied to anyone who is adult and has no health problems (allergy, skin disease etc.) to prevent hair transplant.

In the ICE FUE hairtransplant method, the grafts taken from the donor area don’t lose their efficiency while waiting for the transplantation step. On the contrary, they are shocked in the specially developed device, and this device allows the grafts to be more efficiency.

ICE FUE is a hair transplantation method developed in such a way that the person suffers the least. You will not feel pain during and after local anesthesia.

Hair transplantation which is done by  ICE FUE techniques gives definite results. If the favorable conditions are provided, the probability of success of the transplant is more than 98%.

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