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Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery that removes fat tissue from the human body in an attempt to change its shape. Liposuction provides to remove fat by applying opposite pressure via a thin pipe. In researches performed in the United States demonstrates that Liposuction is the most favoured and suggested aesthetic surgery.

Cannula is a kind of metal pipe which is replaced in the fatty tissue during the operations to remove fat by vacuuming. We guarantee % 100 pleasure and desired view as Oka Aesthetic.

There is no age restriction for Liposuction surgery but younger, tight and supple skin makes healing process shorter. Patient with skin including these features, surgery is much easily operable. Liposuction process is performed by the Oka Aesthetics experts in controlled and sterile environment. All these processes which are planned before performing the treatment, continues in the Light of the Schedule. General anesthesia is applied during the surgery. Local anesthesia is generally applied for the small parts of the body as lips etc.

Body Areas for Liposuction Treatment

For Liposuction, which is known as fat removing surgery, there are some misunderstood application fields. Liposuction is not a kind of surgery that is used for buttock lifting or cellulite problems. Liposuction is the ideal way, generally performed for the people with deformities despite having ideal weight.

Liposuction is performed for the body regions such as stomach and waist circumference, buttocks, inner and outer thigh sides, upper arm, breast (man-woman) and inward of the knees.

As Oka Aesthetics we trust in ourselves. Thanks to the patient satisfaction, Oka Aesthetic has become a trusted brand in aesthetic. Patient satisfaction is one of the most important criteria for Oka Aesthetics .Oka Aesthetics contact with the patients to analyse and determine the process of the treatment schedule.